Vendor Spotlight

Featured Vendor: The Crab Man Plus
Location(s): Mandeville and Metairie
Phone: (504) 266-8555
Owner: Husband & Wife team! Gidget Royes, Director of Social Media Marketing & Alvin Royes, Crabber

The Crab Man Plus is a wildly successful, family-run, global seafood business right here in South Louisiana. They also happen to be the only vendor in Louisiana (that we know of) selling live crawfish in September and October on The Crawfish App... So we had to learn more about their business! Every single time I have communicated with Gidget, I can sense the passion she has for her business. She is quick to respond to my requests, eager to help, and always hustling; I can only assume she treats her customers the same way, which keeps them coming back again and again.

Laney: Whose idea was it to start The Crab Man Plus?
Gidget: Alvin has been selling wholesale crabs to markets and restaurants for about nine years. I wanted to take it to the next level and create an over-the-top kind of seafood market. So I began The Crab Man Plus Facebook page back in 2015, posting videos and posts that started going viral. Then, to our surprise, our Mobile Seafood Market blew up really fast!

Laney: What is your best selling product?

Laney: This is no surprise to me seeing that you manage to keep a year-round supply and have become known for this. What's your secret to having live crawfish available all year long?
Gidget: We have a really great relationship with crawfisherman in the industry to be able to have crawfish year round.

Laney: How do you stand out from other crawfish vendors in your area?
Gidget: Our prices, customer service and the feel of buying from family is what we strive on. And we are honest with our customers.

Laney: What’s the best thing about Crab Man Plus?
Gidget: Our "Keeping it real" posts on social media along with educational seafood posts, recipes and some controversial videos about cleaning softshell Crabs and popping the tops off of hard shell crabs for the barbecue pit. #PopTops

Laney: What is something interesting about you or your business that you want people to know?
Gidget: We were born and raised in Metairie, Louisiana and we are a husband and wife duo that has made it big and went from selling locally then nationally to now global sales. We love this industry and wouldn't have it any other way.

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