Vendor Spotlight

Featured Vendor: C&M Crawfish
Location(s): Vidalia, LA and Winnsboro, LA
Phone: (601) 870-9212
Owner: Lonnie Melton from Natchez, MS and Shannon Melton from Baton Rouge, LA
COO: Dorothy Jones from Vidalia, LA.

C&M Crawfish was one of the first Louisiana vendors to call me to say they were boiling crawfish in early November AND they had some big news—as of 2018 the owners are now franchising C&M and there will be two more stores opening before the season kicks off which makes a total of 5 locations! Why is there such a demand for C&M? I had to find out more…

Laney: How did C&M Crawfish get started?
Dorothy : It was Lonnie's idea to start C&M in 2012. When we first opened, we boiled and sold out of a trailer in a parking lot. Now, we have 2 corporately owned stores, 1 franchise currently open, and 2 more opening before the 2018 crawfish season! We have our own apparel line, and a custom blended seasoning we boil with, along with retailing it!

Laney: Tell me more about your decision to franchise the business? Where can we expect future locations to pop up?
Dorothy : We have such a quality product, and a unique customer service model that we were being asked pretty frequently to open in these different areas. We knew that to truly open where we were being asked, was to franchise! We have a location opening in Monroe, LA and in the greater Jackson, MS area before next crawfish season.

Laney: What is your best seller/what are you known for?
Dorothy : Our best seller has to be crawfish! Shrimp is a close second. We are known for an authentic home boil taste in all of our seafood, and our ethical, fair customer service.

Laney: How do you stand out from other crawfish vendors in your area?
Dorothy : We run it like a true business, not a part time job. C&M does not take advantage of our customers. We have a consistent, flavorful product. We always have crawfish first, and usually keep serving it the longest! C&M is not open just seasonally! We're open 7 days a week, all year long.

Laney: What's the best thing about C&M?
Dorothy : Our flavor!

Laney: Something interesting about you or your business that you want people to know?
Dorothy : We franchise, so if we aren't currently in a location convenient to you, there is a chance we will be soon! Stay tuned and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

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